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Cat covers home improvement and design for Zillow Porchlight and Digs Guides.

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A Fireplace for Every Room

When temperatures fall and flurries tease, there's no better hibernation haven than your own home.

Although a longtime living room fixture, fireplaces are a comfort best enjoyed everywhere. From bedrooms to basements and even the master bath, there’s no right or wrong way to curl up and snuggle ’round the fireside.

To spark your fireplace fancy, here’s a roundup of ideas for inviting warmth into even the unlikeliest of rooms.


Give guests an immediate reprieve from the chill with a fireplace front and center.

Photo from Zillow listing.
Photo from Zillow listing.


Because the heart of the home ought to have a hearth to go with it.

Photo from Zillow listing.
Photo from Zillow listing.

Dining room

Dress any dinner party up or down with a little fireside ambiance.

Photo from Zillow listing.
Photo from Zillow listing.

Living room

A classic pairing that’s never passe, living rooms and fireplaces forever complement an evening in.

Photo from Zillow listing.
Photo from Zillow listing.


Proceed with caution — once you burrow into bed to the tune of a fire’s cozy crackles, you might never get out.

Photo from Zillow listing.
Photo from Zillow listing.

Master bathroom

Luxuriating in the bath has never been toastier.

Photo from Zillow listing.
Photo from Zillow listing.

Home office

We recommend pairing this combo with a snifter of brandy and a leatherbound book.

Photo courtesy of Griffin Enright Architects.
Photo from Zillow listing.


If you’re more cold-snapped than snowbound, an outdoor fireplace lends festivity without the frost.

Photo from Zillow listing.
Photo from Zillow listing.
Top photo from Zillow listing.


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Remote Meditation Retreat With Rocky Mountain Views – House of the Week

You'll find a dodecahedron and labyrinths — all just 10 minutes away from a busy Colorado city.

Sometimes when searching for a place to live, you don’t find the spot — the spot finds you.

Such was the case for David Tresemer. The year was 1986, and Tresemer was looking to escape the hustle and bustle of burgeoning Boulder, CO. He drove 90 minutes in every direction and was eventually drawn to an expansive spot a short drive from the city.

“It’s so pure. It looks down on Boulder,” he said. “The land really just spoke to me.”

With snowcapped-mountain views and creekside trails to explore, the 105-acre setting was so inspiring that Tresemer not only built his home here but also created a spiritual retreat for the community.

The centerpiece is a 12-sided structure he calls the StarHouse, which serves as a nondenominational gathering space for everything from yoga to weddings to solstice celebrations.

“We all tend to feel a little overwhelmed by what’s going on in the world, and it’s important to have a place to reconnect — for silence and a deeper connection,” said Tresemer’s wife, Lila.

Lila and David married in the StarHouse in 1995, and they’ve since officiated a number of weddings there. They now live in a custom-built 6,500-square-foot home on the property named MorningStar.

With 7 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, the house is bathed in warm, natural wood elements, from the walls to the ceilings to the doors.

Tresemer described the home as rustic and spiritually accented, with crystals and fountains interspersed throughout.

There’s a celestial mural the couple commissioned from a local artist above a fireplace, and an outdoor courtyard serves as a private meditation spot.

But the west-facing deck on the second floor, perfect for dramatic sunsets and more, might just be the couple’s favorite.

“You’re looking at the snowcapped mountains, and you can see the sunset or the moonset,” Tresemer said. “I prefer the moonset because it’s so dramatic.”

An off-grid, 2-bedroom retreat cabin is just beyond the main house (a woman recently spent an entire week there in silent meditation).

There’s also a historical 1904 homestead cabin on the property, along with organic gardens and other spiritual locales, including two labyrinths.

A perfectly shaped dodecahedron acts as a meditation chamber, and a 20-minute walk on the property leads guests to a physician’s tree — a spot for personal healing, Tresemer said.

Despite their deep love for the home, the Tresemers decided to put it up for sale for $2.45 million (they’ve also listed the entire property for $5.2 million)

“[This spot is] already loved by many, but there’s room for someone to bring their own vision and their own concept,” Lila said. “We would like to see it continued by a community of people who’ve come to love it.”

“It’s age-related for us, and we feel there’s a lot of vision and enthusiasm among the younger generations,” she continued. “We would love to see them take it to the next level.”

Roger Walker of RE/MAX Alliance on Walnut carries the listing. Photos courtesy of Rob Larsen.


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Which Home Style Speaks to You?

There are great examples of Spanish Revival (also called Spanish Colonial Revival and Mission Revival) architecture throughout Florida. (It did, after all, once belong to Spain.) Jacksonville’s historic neighborhoods of Riverside and Avondale are especially rich in the style—from bungalows to stately mansions. The look of the area is due to the great fire of 1901, which destroyed much of downtown. The rebuilding that happened over the following 20 years coincided with the peak of Spanish Revival’s popularity, which meant that many homes were built with the style’s characteristic asymmetrical facades, stucco walls, tile roofs, and wrought-iron details.

In the mid-20th century, the adjoining neighborhoods were threatened by suburban flight and the demolition of their historic homes, but they have experienced a revival since becoming National Register districts in the 1980s. Together, Riverside and Avondale now form Jacksonville’s hippest area, known for their walkable streets, local eateries, boutiques, and bohemian vibe.

See homes for sale in Jacksonville.


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Vote Now to Pick the Ultimate Kitchen for Holiday Entertaining

Only one can win the title!

Get your ovens mitts ready, because the holiday season is upon us. From festive feasts to cookie exchanges, home-cooked food plays a vital role in many families’ holiday traditions.

Most of us don’t get to cook in dream kitchens outfitted with loads of counter space, two or three ovens, an industrial-sized refrigerator, and multiple sinks for piling up the dirty dishes. But let’s escape for a moment into a sugar-scented holiday daydream, where the dishwasher is always empty, the floors are never sticky, and nothing ever burns.

Choose the kitchens below you would most like as the backdrop for your holiday cooking and entertaining.

Photos from Zillow listings: Country warmth; City skylights

Photos from Zillow listings: Brick beauty; Stone stunner

Photos from Zillow listings: Modern minimalist; Neutral and natural

Photos from Zillow listings: French dressing; Vintage charm

Get more kitchen design inspiration on Zillow Digs.


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