Z Speaker Series: Gabe Zichermann, Author and Consultant (VIDEO)

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Author, entrepreneur and consultant Gabe Zichermann stopped by Zillow’s headquarters in Seattle recently to discuss the importance of gamification in developing a successful product.

The most obvious form of gamification today is Foursquare, the online system that offers users badges and rewards for “checking in” to locations. But, explains Zichermann, gamification is much more than that.

On a psychological level, everyone wants to master the world around them. The trick, says Zichermann, is to figure out what your customer is seeking to master and build the product to follow that.

“Gamification is deeply imbedded in the way we are wired,” he noted.

While gift cards, promotions and free things drive engagement at first, Zichermann believes it won’t provide long-lasting growth.

“Design things that will help them be the best they can be,” he said.

Want to learn more about how gamification can create a successful product? Watch Zichermann’s presentation to Zillow here.

And if you love hearing from inspirational people like Zichermann in person, check out Zillow’s job page; we’re hiring.

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